Our Routes

Artemis Karra

Artemis studied Sociology at Panteion University, Social Psychology at LSE and works as an educator. Member of Hill Memorial School’s management and agent of the schools lineage, representing the 6th generation of the school’s family presidency, Artemis dreams of an education with no borders. Active regarding inequalities in education and human rights, she has volunteered in Africa, Athens and Lesvos.

Her wish is to create a global network of open learning, where culture and tradition provide grounds for a lifelong journey of children’s development.

A journey from our roots to the sky…

Miranda Politi

Miranda studied Political Sciences and History at Panteion University and Marketing Management at Middlesex University and has worked for several years as a Business Development Manager.

She believes that cultural education offers kids the confidence to imagine and explore the world around them, by embracing diversity and by understanding individuality.