Workshops designed for children’s cultural education


My Roots is an educational journey for children from all over the world. Inspired by Greek culture and folk tradition, we create sparkling workshops for kids!
Which is the secret ingredient in tzatziki? How many shades of blue can you paint the sea? What are the Cyclades? How do you spell ‘orthodontist’? Why did Plato wear sandals? How strong really was Hercules? Who invented fire? How many stars can you name? How many legs does an octopus have? Have you ever seen a flying donkey? Who where the Cyclops? How many words begin with Ω?
Greek culture and civilization is the starting point for a fun and creative exploration of our distinctive identities. A child-centered approach that utilizes music, language, history, arts and crafts to involve every child in the process of discovery.
Our goal is to build a creative educational organization that will encourage experimental and hands on learning through projects, promoting the idea that education is a process of unlimited opportunities.
Our vision is to utilize tradition and experience in order to create a global educational network of workshops for kids that will facilitate learning without boundaries.
A discovery of cultural roots that unites us and makes us unique!