The Olympian Gods, Why 12?
May 12, 2018

This workshop aims to familiarize children with the protagonists of Greek Mythology, through a fun and creative approach. 12 Olympian Gods and their divine eccentricity will be the starting point of our journey.

When was the beginning of all things? How was the world created? How did the Olympian Gods look like? What did they eat? Which was their secret power and how often did they use it? Why were the Olympian Gods 12?

Children will listen to stories, create portraits, draw ceramics in black-figure and red-figure technique and become conservators of ancient art, like true archaeologists!

Some words about methodology;

In this program we will focus on the Olympian Gods exploring ancient art techniques, mythology and crafts as our guiding tools. Tools that excite children’s imagination and encourage an exploration of their cultural roots.